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Episodes of the walking dead season 2

episodes of the walking dead season 2

Madison, Alicia, Strand and Ofelia drive around Tijuana in search of Nick.
Strand promises to return in two days.
Celia brings the wafers to Strand and Thomas and commends Strand for deciding to die with Thomas.
They see Gloria's well-to-do parents check in at the front desk.Back on shore, Madison and Travis prepare supplies for transport to the Abigail.Madison decides to sleep in Alicias room for protection while Travis sleeps with Chris.Celia calmly explains that the dead have always walked among them.Daniel stabs the officers to prevent them from turning." Pablo Jessica " In the bar of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, Madison and Victor fight off an Infected herd.Nick volunteers himself and Luciana to make the trade so that the community can have water.Elena admits that she locked all the party guests inside to contain the illness.Travis, who is staying behind, desperately implores Chris to stay with him.As resuscitation attempts fail, the father swiftly reanimates and bites his daughter on the face.Marco's gang finds the town deserted and celebrates their easy victory.She tries to make him feel better about leaving Chris and invites him to join the rest of the group downstairs.He finds a map of Baja, Mexico, inside a locked compartment.When he sees a Jeep approaching, he ducks behind the car.He stuffs a can of beans and several bottles of water into his backpack then kills off incoming Infected, saving one of the armed men that emerge from the kitchen.Chris separates from the group and ventures inland.He tells her his name is Jack and that he is on a small boat, but hesitates to reveal his location.Ofelia kills the infected boy for Daniel.Daniel enters the cellar and sees a cell full of Infected.
As Daniel works his bonds, Madison asks Vida if the baby has been moving.
He spots a farm in the distance.